The Religion of Speculation

The recent downswing in the stock market shows the fragile environment that Man relies so heavily upon.  Speculative investments and mass production have become the religion of the day.  And in this religion there is no god but Man. This god that Man has created will rebell against those who have created it.  It is … Continue reading

The Woman

I watched a woman drive by me.  With both hands on the wheel, she watched carefully straight ahead.  But the car spoke louder of her character than her attentiveness.  It was a rusty beat up old boat from the eighties. Obviously, she is trying hard to do the best she can with what she has. … Continue reading

With all that he has, I watch Man search for peace. Entertainment and distractions abound. Yet Peace eludes him with the agility of eternity; avoiding without boundaries. Entertainment and distractions abound. Peace lives and thrives in the brilliance of perfect righteousness; the place where the eye of Man is not fit for perception. All the … Continue reading