Will the Godly Stand Up?

A little boy was murdered by his mother.  She beat him  for hours until he died. And so the talk around the coffee table will begin.  I’m going to put my 2 cents here. ………………………… Many will say I have my head in the wrong place.  Many will say I have my mind is in … Continue reading

Evidence of Belonging

How should we spend our days?  Doesn’t it depend on whose you intend to be. Let’s make a choice with finality.  Either Christianity is a mere religion, or it is the power of God to transform.  Either the words of God are benign “good sayings”, or they are filled with Holy Fire.  The life we … Continue reading

Too Much, Too Many

Look how much has been written about the glory of God and Christ.   A 30 some year display of pure obedience and love for his Father.   Just 30 some years out of the history of Man. The great abundance of Man’s history is filled with rebelion and chaos.  If the accusations God has against Man … Continue reading

The Ultimatum

You can have our money. You can have our games.  You can have our accolades.  We’ll even give you fame. Just leave Jesus in the church where we can conveniently ignore him.  If you refuse we will conveniently ignore you. (I don’t know if my words today are provoked because of sadness, frustration, or indignance.  … Continue reading

Pathetic Silence

It makes me sad to look about. Our cities under siege. The “dead” in homes, Lives like drones, Amazed at what they see. The Devil comes and takes away. No words are spoken. No! “No way! If we speak, He’ll take us too! Then, tell us what we all should do. We’ll leave it to … Continue reading