Point the Tip Down!

Inspect me in your presence.  Grill me with questions designed to test.  Make me speak of The Faith, and surely, in all my words, I will stumble. I may not say anything false.  But one or two words are sure to come unexpectedly.  They will not be aligned as you have been told they should.  … Continue reading

The Foolish Agenda

I saw an article, on the WordPress reader, that has provoked me to write.  It was written by someone who is obviously upset.  I don’t write this to calm that writer down.  And I will not give mention of the article’s title, lest glory be taken. The article has to do with blaming the church.  … Continue reading

A Ruse and a Noise

I have come to perceive that nothing men do in this place of testing matters.  They can not sin against me, for I am no standard of excellence, and that the Lord has promised me eternal life. The only thing that will stand forever is the work of Christ Jesus among men.  This matters greatly! … Continue reading

BA BA BA BIG! (Trouble)

Has anyone else noticed the size of shopping mall buildings and movie theaters?  They are absolutely gigantic.  When did that happen?  When did it become popular to put merchandise into buildings 10 times too big? I do remember the tiny little stores when I was a child.  But even then, if you went to the … Continue reading