They say, “yes”.   “We live in a land of shadows.  Reality and forever is beyond our comprehension.”   They say “yes”. “Eternal reality has come to walk among us.  He brought the incomprehensible to live in our language.” They say, “I’m not sure”. When the Lord promised to bring beauty to the ugly.  Though … Continue reading

The Undeniable Cruise

The waves beat against the hull of the ship.  With a silent and determined anger; With gluttony for autonomy, They desire “unimpeded”.   See how the steel says, “No”.   See how they are forced to go, Dissipated.   How the strength of their ruin is utterly devastated.   How, with present Will pressed against … Continue reading


We are the sum of what we have done and what we are currently doing.   The people loved the Lord Jesus when he gave them food to eat. But they crucified him for giving them his Father’s food to eat.   All focus on the body, isn’t it? Is it really any different today? … Continue reading

Zachariah chapter 7

If you ask The Lord a question, regardless how seemingly legitimate, are you able to understand the answer? If you understand the answer are you willing or able to give it room in your heart? Does our will lean toward the will of the Living God in Jesus, or have we created our own religion … Continue reading