Xanthium species

Temptation sits idle along every path a man might walk.  It does not have the sense to desire you.  It simply remains, deadly and dishonorable. It waits with senselessness to bring shame to anyone who would stop to admire it.  And when the soul begins to admire sin, dishonor flourishes. Temptation is no better or … Continue reading

A Word From My Flesh

As I stand and praise God, receiving majestic revelation I am lost in the beauty of eternity. Then a shadow catches my attention.  Someone has come, begging to be heard. I turn to look.  It is my flesh! With his mouth held open in awe, he speaks to me. “Don’t you realize that what you … Continue reading


In a fancy room, removed from the prying eyes of the general public, debate has taken place.  All members of the conversation emerged.  Each one went to his expected place.  As if rising to crescendo from the stillness of breath, the leader begins to speak.  With great confidence of his unalterable position, the Pope has … Continue reading

Has the Countdown Begun?

For the last week I have watched two stars come closer and closer together.  They merged last night.  People are calling them the Star of Bethlehem phenomenon.  It was an alignment of Jupiter and Venus that has not happened for 2000 years. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/06/star-of-bethlehem-visible-on-june-30th-for-the-first-time-in-2000-years/ Today the Pope declares all religions the same. The Bible tells us … Continue reading