The Intangible Key

This is what I am learning from God.   No religion of man will produce the key to the front door of God’s house. At best it can only bring us to within sight of His Holy Mountain (perhaps even a rise in the ground at the foothills). This is also true of altered Christianity. … Continue reading


Appropriate social conditioning: By order of he who rules the air:   “You will adore everything that belongs to the nature of destruction.  You will sing songs about lewdness.  You will wonder about God but never seek the answers.  (if you happen to fall on a reasonable answer turn it in for examination and go … Continue reading

Belong Together?

If the substance of God was only the opinions of man, perhaps even the sum of them,  . . . The world would be exactly as we find it.   Every man pursuing the best of his own mind; Mindless of the minds around him.   Violence:  from murder to war  from jealousy to revenge … Continue reading

Billboard Hysteria

Two women were complaining about all the Bible billboards down south. One said she was tired of being inundated about sin, Jesus, and condemnation. She made some remark to excuse herself for being callous to the words. Something like, “I know the gospel is important, I’m just tired of it being in my face all … Continue reading

A Profitable Life

The beautiful stories in the Bible, where God displayed protection for his people, are not just stories. He is willing to save his people of faith from anything in the world can deliver against them.   Years ago, there was a video of a man on an island carrying a cross toward flowing lava. He … Continue reading

True Peace

Interesting to me: people know about what they’re going to read here.  But how many still chase after things it won’t last, only because they want to avoid God.    The definition of true peace does not lend itself to the opinions of Man. True peace is not the absence of turmoil. Therefore you can’t … Continue reading