Beggars, We Are All

“Can you spare a dime.” Why the man stopped to reply, only God knows.   “I’ve worked hard for what I have.” The reply was filled with wisdom. “So you think begging is easy. The only time you deal with shame is when you leave $500 on the table after the deal. Everybody works hard … Continue reading

The Existence of Death

The title seems like an oxymoron.  But everything on earth has a beginning and an end.   That statement alone is something to ponder for three weeks.  But let’s take a look at this: Something strikes me that’s worth thinking about. I don’t exactly know how to prove it by the Bible. But I think … Continue reading

“What’s in Your House?”

Even while the people stood amazed at the freedom given to the man of the tombs, the legion of demons found new homes. While the bodies of pigs floated out to sea, the people received as open doors with welcome mats.   The demons begged that they should not have to leave the region. I … Continue reading


You can live inside of a lie. But not for long. There is no lie in Life. And you know that.   If something “is not” yet is promoted as if it is, those who promote it are living inside a lie. Such people are filled up with grand notions of self importance, all the … Continue reading

Take Your Rightful Place

There is a place where a child has learned enough.  From that place he is expected to do the things of an adult.   It is not appropriate for someone who has learned what is required of an adult to go back to his childhood and claim ignorance.  It is no longer ignorance, it is rebellion. … Continue reading