Forced to Speak!

The compulsion to share the Gospel of Christ everywhere, is not a sign of a righteous man.  It is the sign of a man who has been forgiven a vast multitude of sins. It is the sign of a man who knows what the end of his life would have been without Jesus the Christ … Continue reading

Acts Born of Convenience

The beginning of a matter is the same as the ending, if indeed the matter is carried through to the end.  This is the nature of a sinful act.  The severity of the sin determines Gods reaction at the onset.  This is where God has been misunderstood in his judgments against Man’s rebelion.  We think … Continue reading

The Gambler

You sit at a slot machine.  You have invested your money in the hopes that you will get a great return.  Even the greatest fool hopes he will gain something.  Doesn’t such a man dream of Millions? The Holy Lord Jesus has set us down at a feast of Eternal Truth, with all hope that … Continue reading


The Lord came to his field of flowers on one beautiful spring morning.  There he saw that a thistle had grown up and was about to spread his malicious seed.  So he reached out his will and transformed the thistle to a flower. No more malicious seeds to cast about, the thistle took note of … Continue reading

Love Everybody

How many times I’ve heard it and knew there was something wrong.  “Love everybody no matter what they’re doing.” According to sentimental value I would rate that about a 10.  But as far as truth goes I rate that below zero. Love does not let you stand at the edge of a cliff and smile … Continue reading