Thankful Children

10,000,000 people are told the Gospel, only a thousand believe and receive eternal life.  Perhaps thousands more understood it.  But only a handful have believed with all their heart. The message of God goes out freely and like a flood.  Many souls are washed by the message, but so few love their new cleanliness.  In … Continue reading

Construct of World Change

The world will use the Gospel of Christ as a rule of righteousness and social change.  The people of the Lord Jesus know better. God does not save his people to be instruments of world change.  God saves his people that they may become instruments of Heaven.  The changes that are made, because of the … Continue reading


Let it be known, especially to my own flesh, I don’t want peace.  Everyone is speaking “Peace, Peace”!  Haven’t I learned, yes I have, that where the people gather to celebrate, an abhorrent sound of unholy desire is heard. I want war.  I want to be embroiled in the war against wickedness within me.  I want … Continue reading


abundance, cornucopia, feast, plenitude, plentitude, plenty, superabundance, wealth. So many voices saying, “This is the way”.  So many claims to truth.  So little time to devote to “shaking out” the differences.  What’s a man to do? Look what Charles Spurgeon said, I do not come into this pulpit hoping that perhaps somebody will of his … Continue reading

Eternal Mechanics

I saw I headline that asked the question, “If God is love then why is homosexuality condemned?”  I’m not going to waste my time trying to pick a part sexually immorality.  Those who are embroiled in such a sin would not listen to me anyway.  I know the power of sexual deviance.  I know the … Continue reading

Honoring HIM, Thus Entering IN.

  The Lord Jesus spoke His Holy Father’s name by doing His eternal will. As the Word of God has done, so will do His faithful few. Let us pray. Let us learn. Let us praise Him. Let us sing to His Holy Honor. Let us remember, as if we reattached an arm. But above … Continue reading