Dogs or Brothers

The dog is an amazing creature.  No better friend on earth can be had than a faithful and obedient canine.   They are a great source of joy and comfort to their owner.  A well trained dog will do anything to please its master. But a dog is a dog.  It will eat it’s own vomit.  … Continue reading

The Peace of Fear

In every religion of man there is an element of what can be called peace.  Even among the seculars there is a place where men call themselves peaceful.  But the peace they proudly wave about is more passivity for the sake of gain. Today I read a small story in the news about how many … Continue reading

Hidden? No.

They hide behind their eyes; Concealing their perceptions. They hide behind their ears; Morphing what they heard. They hide behind their arms; A fake embrace of welcome. They hide behind their handshake; Never intending to fulfill their agreement. They hide behind their lips; Speaking golden liquid words. In this they hide from God’s people.  Yet … Continue reading

Cutting the Difference

Christmas is coming.  Many will now turn to a false religion.  From their daily life of caring nothing for the things of God, they will now act as though the gospel belongs to them.  They will quote a portion of Scripture that says, “Peace on earth and goodwill to men”. Smiles on peoples faces, music … Continue reading

Merry Christmas?

Is it ridiculous to say “Merry Christmas” to the rebellious souls of this world?  Someone would answer, “Why would you not put a smile on someone else’s face”? Isn’t saying Merry Christmas to one who does not have eternal life in Christ, like trying to make a condemned prisoner smile by telling him the world … Continue reading