Fatal Education

I saw the M & M’s display in a store.  The little M & M’s dude was dressed up like a rabbit.  What am I supposed to think? I talked to the clerk.  I mentioned that the celebration of Easter is about someone special who was raised from the grave.  She happily agreed, and the … Continue reading

Harmful Kindness?

Man’s righteousness is without knowledge.  Even though we often hear him boast of how many good things he can do.  In this he wrongfully thinks he is self sufficient The Lord Jesus told us that without him we can do nothing.  May we open our ears to hear what the world calls righteousness.  May the … Continue reading

Clear Minded

The decal on the back of an old white van: “Catch and release I don’t think so. Nobody released me When I got caught”. A cute saying.  But it lacks the fullness of clarity.  A simple question gives it a thoughtful purpose.  “But don’t you wish they had.” I don’t care what he does in … Continue reading

Spring Eternal

Spring will soon come to the Northern Hemisphere.  And if the Beautiful Lord tarries we will see all the grandeur that is new life here.  In this I speak of new leaves, flowers, babies a plenty, and a comforting season. And if the Lord moves to close the window of opportunity in this place, His … Continue reading

Righteous Cadence

Doesn’t language have a lilt?  The damsel in her joy shows it best. Each according to the place he was born, bears the music of his words. Every language of Man has a place of musical beauty; the place where his voice like a song. Each according to the place he was born, bears the … Continue reading