What Was, Still Is.

Why do we do the things we do?  Why have we learn to love what we love?  What causes a man to gravitate toward one sin or another?  Why is ignorance so beloved while wisdom and sobriety wander like orphaned children?  It is impossible that any man should answer these things.  At best they can … Continue reading

Worthless Parents

Sin is born of chaos and ignorance.  Chaos is the careless mother who dropped her child on the way.  And ignorance is the worthless father who does as he pleases regardless the needs of his children. Every man is born of these.  But Christ offers adoption into a Holy, righteous, faithful, loving, and eternal family.  … Continue reading

The Ant Head

They gathered in a building.  The final place of the final test.  They came together to prove the value of Man. The question was leadership and righteousness.  Who is worthy and why. From the body of the elders they pick the wisest one.  They said to him, “Choose for us a prize that we may … Continue reading

The Pursuit of Discipline

A man will lack sleep.  He will let go the essential to focus on his desire.  The night is witness to his shadow on the wall, busily pursuing his ambition. Suffering comes in variety of form as he disciplines himself to his intention.  He loses friends.  His house becomes unkempt.  His belongings rot away.  His … Continue reading