Just a Quirk?

They called a change in wind direction “a quirk of nature”. How many times have the enemies of Israel said the same thing? Those who despise Israel’s birthright never seem to learn. Your “quirk of nature” is the Living God. The direction of the wind not only thwarted the kites, but also blew copious amounts … Continue reading

The Missing Clue

There are so many who go through life without the slightest idea of why they’re here. Their best clue is to adopt some sort of higher ritual. At the height of their glory they are no more godly than a mockingbird is human. The only reason for being here, living this life until death, is … Continue reading

Armchair Humans

The world is in trouble. Everything that can be wrong is wrong. Why bother to itemize the list. Everyone is a critic. Everyone seems to know what everyone else should do. And, by golly, they’re not afraid to speak. What’s missing in all this wicked chaos? Why, the ANSWER is conspicuously missing. Christ is the … Continue reading

Final 24

The world is a darkened place filled with darkened souls. The sounds of their movement are only a rustling of desire. Only by the manifestation of their desires are they perceived by one another. (The world sincerely hates sneaky people. They demand accountability by virtue of noise.) I see the people of Christ as if … Continue reading

A Bowl of Milk

I am in New Jersey. The godlessness here is astounding. Yesterday I saw a truck hauling a gold casket. Rebellion against God to the very last. But righteousness will wake him up to present himself as he is sealed. A Sobering thought. America is like a bowl. The eastern cities, full of the will of … Continue reading