Successive Keys

1. Figure out what matters.  2. Apply all resources to gather the basics.  3. Eat, sleep, work, play, speak and live them constantly.   4. Expand on the basics, keeping perfection in mind, never allowing yourself to stray afield.   5. Live like you know what you know; be that professional you are sure exists. … Continue reading

The Promise

It is not obedience that opens the eyes.   It is not repetitive chanting  That brings the luscious surprise.   It is not among the gaggle  With whom we choose to mill about.   It is simply our believing that brings the joyous shout.   He said: “I have a throne of Glory.   My … Continue reading


I was listening to psalm 24. Afterword I thought, “I should say something about this”. But what do I have to say about anything? Good or bad, I looked in my mind to see how anything I might say would be received. That didn’t help.   My mind walked away from testimony with disgust. I … Continue reading

Inside Out

Leonard schizoid is probably better qualified to be president than either of the two candidates today. But he’s not in the right place at the right time. He doesn’t have the right powerful friends. The most he’s ever had in his bank account is $2450.16.  ………………….. We hustle them through without vetting. We wash over … Continue reading

River of Life

Find yourself a comfortable place beside a flowing stream. Listen to the myriad of sounds the water makes. Now let your mind marvel that a singular component of water can sing such a song of variety.    Water is silent until it encounters and obstacle. The sound you hear is the water speaking of its … Continue reading