Spiritual Gifting

This morning I took a “spiritual gifts” test.  It’s been some decades since I took such a test.  I don’t know what I found out the last time I took one. I wasn’t too surprised to see the outcome.  Here’s the page for the test I took:  http://www.spiritualgiftstest.com/test/adult I’m going to display the results here … Continue reading

Amazement Thus Beckoning

I will speak of myself, for it is impossible for me to know the heart of anyone who might read this.  I do not want to give confidence where it is not warranted.  But I find desire within me to encourage those things that warrant encouragement.  And I desire to share a mutual amazement. When … Continue reading

An Unwarranted Suppression

I do not need bars or scars to mark out the place of my imprisonment for the sake of Christ.  I am constrained by his excellent strength within the place he has set me himself.  And it becomes my great joy to serve Him in this very place of obscurity. How greatly I desire that … Continue reading