With agreement of purpose they came to the place chosen by the Most High God. “Here The Confrontation will begin.” So it began; Jesus said to them, “Whom do you seek”. They were compelled to state their purpose: “Jesus of Nazareth”. Do you want to see the power of God? Look at what the demon … Continue reading

“Ya Da!”

Today’s media is on a reporting frenzy. Every time there is a good deed done, they make a magnificent banner and announce it to the whole world. The people say they are inspired. And more good deeds are sought. Now a celebrity circus comes to town. Who will be next to be bathed in the … Continue reading

The Orientation of “Valuable”

365 days in a year. 365 years. I haven’t even quite made it to 65 yet. But Enoch, the seventh from Adam, lived 365 years before he walked with God and was seen no more for God took him.   Can you close your eyes and imagine living 365 years in this place?   Without … Continue reading

Being a Christian

This morning I see this:Darkness on the earth is witness to a hushed murmur of violence. The night is a cloak for the thieves.   They steal what they will; property, life and peace.   But this I perceived: The world spins around causing the Sun to rise. And the noise of wickedness is no … Continue reading

The Currency of Man’s Traditions

Will you enter into heaven by virtue of your own religion?  Will you set your own standard of righteousness and accomplish it, saying to the Holy guard of heaven, “I am a righteous man let me enter”? Have you been to heaven?  Have you seen the surpassing glory of the creatures there?   Have you … Continue reading