The Living Promise 

The Living Promise 

The place where free will can be tested. A place where God’s commands can be broken. A place where free will can choose to love the One who made it, or despise Him forever.   A place where it is possible for violence to be king. A place where it is possible for compassion to … Continue reading

Alpha and Omega

I wake and consider what heaven is; what eternity is made of.   I know you, like me , have heard all the stories 100,000 times. Still we can’t understand the Majesty of Jesus. The nature of his Majesty is faithfulness and righteousness. He has always done the will of his Holy Father, and he … Continue reading


For every shadow cast there is a light.  The very best of Man’s things are nothing but a shadow of the Living God’s beautiful Son.  It’s easy to see the shadows.  Have you looked intently and long into the light that makes them? The shadows will be dispelled.  Soon they will not exist.  What will … Continue reading

The Tower of Babel

​They gathered together and said, “Come let us build a city that reaches to the heavens so that we can make a name for ourselves”.  But it was not time in the history of man under God to do such a thing.   We are living in the time when God has released man to … Continue reading