The Good Ritual

I said to the Lord, “I am a liar and a fool. The only good I have is imagined honor. Imagination is not food.   But you Holy Father, in Christ your Holy Son, are righteousness and purity forever. In your wisdom you created mercy. In your Holiness you created justice.” Then I said, “Let … Continue reading


Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.   His voice like many rivers.   Mine is more a hiss.   I speak like shadows  From behind the flesh.   He speaks of Light.   From Eternity’s chest.   By nature I am contrast.  By Glory He is Life.   By Righteousness He’s free.   From … Continue reading

Anonymity, the Silent Killer

I see a silent injustice, Anonymity by name.  What injuries delivered.   All losses, just the same.   One sits in silent sorrow.  Another one cast out.   Accountability, the family.  I know without a doubt.   The cause is lack of love, From within and from without.   A love to render service, A proclivity … Continue reading

Penniless for Eternity

What is mankind like? He is like a tiny town nestled in the valley of the mountains.   He plants a vineyard and a crop is yielded.   He wakes, come the day of the harvest, and excitedly runs to reap his crop.   He gives no thanks or honor to God. His busy fingers … Continue reading