What We Believe Matters.

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I respect Glenn Beck‘s “ministry”.  I know that in the world of media he stands out rather loudly for the best man can aspire to under religion.  Glenn will often refer to the doing of good on the part of those who care about what is right.  And I find no direct fault with the world seeking what is good.

But I hear something missing among his words.  Though it is good to pursue righteousness, there is a certain righteousness on this earth which man will rarely aspire to accomplish.  What is “good” among men might not reach to the “Goodness” of God’s perfect will.  Glenn is promoting that “We will be the key” to positive change toward righteousness in this world.  I am forced by the word of God to differ.  Man will never be the key toward the Righteousness of God.  God’s will alone can accomplish the eternal and therefore perfect Righteousness. 

While Glenn will encourage others to reach up toward God for help, it is more on the order of “enlightenment”.  Perhaps it would best be summed up as, “Lord, help me do the right things”.  And in one respect, this is a right request.  If we are asking that we might understand and do the Will of God, we are in the right vein.  But if we are only asking that God bless the work of our own hands we stand slightly amiss.

This difference of belief could be considered subtle by most.  But in the end, only those who do the will of God the Father will be allowed entrance into His peace.  What is the will of God the Father?  To believe on the Son of God, Jesus.  To obey Jesus’ commands to do everything Jesus tells us to do.  We are not set aside to redeem the world.  That is to say we are not saved to retain human implements of freedom on this world.  We are embraced in the blood of Christ Jesus to be implements of the will of God.  It is quite possible that man’s freedom will be dashed by God.  And I find this latter idea holds a great deal more water than manipulating government policies so that we can do anything we please. 

What we believe matters!  Who we obey and serve matters.  Believe in the directing of Jesus and you stand on solid ground.  Believe in the “goodness” of man and you stand amiss.

By His Grace.


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