The Joy of Sharing Jesus is Overwhelming!

Jesus The Christ: The debt paid in full.

I sit here pondering this magnificent privilege of spreading “the Faith” in the words of this blog.  What a joy to share Jesus the Christ of God!  In the former blog He let me create,, I felt this same joy.  It’s consuming to speak of Jesus when He is the object of all my desires.  Consuming, even to the point of drowning out the world around me. 

He is absolutely wonderous to behold through these eyes of faith!  OH WHAT VISIONS OF PROMISE JESUS IS!!!  And even sealed lips will not stop praise for His ways.  He is no respecter of man.  His focus is directly pointed on the will of His Father in Heaven.  And how marvelous Jesus is!  From the foundation of the world He was destined to suffer for fools like me.  Regardless my place in His Glorious Kingdom, I will praise Him forever!  Even if the grave would hold me for 10 million years I would sing of the praises of Jesus (if indeed He lets me speak in that place).  For He is the mercy of God in bodily form.  The oil of Joy that covers Him must be a wonderous thing.  He rules with an iron scepter.  And will never bend toward the sin of man.  He calls from Heaven to turn all men from wickedness to the Righteousness of the Father in Heaven.  And every soul will bend the knee in reverence to His Glory!

By His Grace.

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