Thank You Lord!

Thank You Trash...

Image by Daniel Slaughter via Flickr

I thank you Lord:

Because I was destined to burn with destruction.  But You told me this was so.

Because I became consumed with my plight.  But You showed me a way out.

Because I couldn’t muster strength to endure Your presence.  But Your love and mercy were so very sweet.

Because I faltered and stumbled, bringing alarm to my soul.  But You gave me tears of repentance.

Because I could not perceive Your forgiveness.  But You cleansed my conscience.

Because I ran about with Great concern for the sins I had held dear.  But You teach me The Better Way.

Thank You Lord God Almighty!  Your Mercy and Wisdom excel!  Thank You, Jesus, for Your hand is powerful enough to save.

By His Grace.


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