Who’s Your Hero?

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I am often struck with a deep sense of sadness and awe at how men praise each other yet offer no praise to the One who made men.  Though I have had my heros among men, this foolishness no longer has any attraction for me.

I was looking within my heart, the other day, to see who I admire among men.  I was looking for that particular “hero”.  I was looking to find the one who inspired me to continue toward what is better or best.  And I was amused to find no one rise to the top.  There have been many who have set a good example for me to consider.  But none rise far enough to become my hero.  Most of those who have held that position in my life were men who denied God His rightful place.  And they held that place within me before I knew the Most High God through Jesus. 

Does a man live well without a hero?  The answer is: “My people die for lack of vision.”  No man can render anything more than destruction without finding The source of creation and life.  Though most live with a hero who is far less than “good”, who they aspire to become will dictate where the arrive.  If my hero is the one who puts together a thatch hut, a thatch hut is what I will build.  If  my hero is he who has built a castle, a castle is what I will build.  And if my hero is He who lives forever, living forever is that to which I will aspire.

Who’s your hero?


by His Grace.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Hero?

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