Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ! (Photo credit: wormwould)


We say a man owns a business.  We say we own a house.  Slave masters have said they own people.  Or, we have said, “I own that!”  Really.


The way I see it no one owns anything but the Father in Heaven.  Angels owe Him their very existence.  So do demons.  Jesus owes His Glory to the Father.  A man owes his very breath to the Father.

In the picture here, that statue was burned to the ground by a strike of lightning.  I pass that place from time to time.  Who owned it?  Who owns it now?  And who owns the burnt piece of ground where it used to stand in that man made pool?  They say they intend to rebuild it.  Right…………

But if you want to slice and dice the matter:


Jesus owns the end result of every soul.



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