The Endless Pit

America, you have fallen into an endless pit.  Your fathers toyed with the edge of the pit.  But you are born in utter darkness, removed from hope, and destined for destruction.

What is the nature of this pit?  You have allowed godless people to rule over you.  You have listened to the cries of people without vision.  You have heard their cries for freedom from God’s rule.  And you took them by the hand to make sure their every desire is fulfilled.  You have become blind because these people carried you into darkness.

You marvel at the leader of the people.  You sit in amazement at how lies are the power of the day.  And you wonder how we got here.  Now the blind are strong among you.  And you allow them to rule without opposition.  They say that you should allow everyone to do as he or she pleases.  Don’t you realize that this is utter chaos?

There is the rule of God you have spurned, because your fathers and mothers have taught you to be silent as the wicked speak.  The old saying, “I know which side my toast is buttered on”, is true of you now.  You hold out your hand to an ungodly people that you might receive the food they serve.  Woe to all who succumb to this way.  This is not the way of God!  But you now eat from the table of fools.  It would be better for you to starve than to eat their delights.

Return to God and He will lift you up in due time.  Seek the way of Jesus and hope will return to you.  You are right at the door of God’s wrathful judgment!


26 thoughts on “The Endless Pit

    • Serve the Most High God. Enter into a holy life through the power of Jesus’ sacrifice. Worship Him in truth and Spirit. It’s a bit more than love thy enemy.

      You refer to the second greatest commandment. There is a first. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul. To ignore the first is to remain in the pit.


      • Not according to Jesus…

        See above, and….

        Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[c] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22-37-40

        Or John

        This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 1 John 3:16

        Or James

        If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,”[a] you are doing right. James 2:8


  1. If you really need to be right. Then, by all means, be right. But I don’t see any difference in what you point out as “Not according to Jesus”. You split hairs and you walk away from the intent of the post. I applaud your indepth report. Again, what’s your point?


    • Correct me if I’m wrong but what I see as the intent of this post is for you to express your opiion about what the proper direction of the United States should be.

      You’re calling for a return to biblilcal values which I applaud but your interpretation of those values is scewed. You say “seek the way of Jesus” yet give no explanation of what that way may be or how it applys to your view of America, nor do you back it up with any scriptural reference. You can’t just go around claiming God’s blessing on your opinion without backing it up in some way, otherwise you invite others to do so for you.

      In short, if you’re going to quote Jesus you better what he said.

      When you get right down to it what you are calling for is nothing less than a Theocracy.

      I don’t mean to be confrontational, or contradict my assertion that Love is the central point of Jesus’s teaching. But when I first read that post I couldn’t help but wonder how much it would differ if you changed the word God to Allah and Amercia to a secular Islamist state like Turkey.


      • Let me ask you something. I don’t claim to have heard those words from the Lord. But they fall into line with the words of many of the prophets. What if….. What if, I had said these are the words of the Lord? Would you then doubt that they came from Him? And why would they not have come from Him? Do you really think that allowing people to remain in sin is loving them?


  2. I’m trying to read into what you have responded. Shall we say that Jesus was Glorified by the Father because He loved his neighbor? Should we not agree with the Father that Jesus was Glorified because He loved Righteousness and hated wickedness? That is the testimony the Father gave on behalf of His Son.


  3. Well now we’re getting into some of the finer points of metaphysics and the nature of trinity that I don’t feel qualified to discuss. Theologians have wrestled with that one for centuries and you and I aren’t going to put it rest today.

    Suffice it to say that Jesus was glorified by the father because he WAS the father and visa versa.


  4. The bottom line is you need to site your source. That’s just basic opinion and debate writing 101.

    When you say it came from the prophets, which prophets and in what context? With that information I can go back and see what they said for myself and either agree or disagree with your conclusion. Or if you were to claim it came directly from the Lord we could go back to scripture and make sure it lined up with other things that are said there too.

    That’s all I’m trying to do. Yet you acuse me of splitting hairs. Maybe you’re right, maybe I am missing the point but without your source material I had to make some assumptions. .

    Debating is like building a house. You have to start with a foundation, build a few walls and then put a roof on it. What you have done is throw a roof at your readers without any supporting walls or foundation.

    If all you’re going to do is throw roofs at me then there is really no point in continuing this debate.


    • The point is: Sexual immorality, divorce, hatred of God, even denial that there even is a God, murder, slander, gossip, the embracing of lies, materialism embraced as if it itself is a religion, drunkeness, drugs, a total disregard for everything holy, and the list goes on. These things have been spoken against since the beginning.
      I see the signs of war looming on the horizion. And not just another war, it is shaping quickly into a world war against everything Godly. Everyone goes about his business without sharing the word of God. And even the mention of God is taken from our children. I see you telling me that I have no right to post such a post. That I need to site sources for such a statement. I need no source but reality to post such a thing. And I have a clean conscience before the Lord for such words. You want me to take the time to research chapter and verse. I challenge you and every soul who reads that post to research the signs of the times.

      You took it personally that I would speak of a pending judgment about to spring on America. You sited the love of man to man as all that is necessary. I challenge you to read the book of Hebrews carefully, then make that statement. I challenge you to read the book of Jude and make that statement again. There is a call to holiness that the world continually opposes. They like the idea that we can “all just get along”, and everything will be fine before the Lord Most High. I say, with all the prophets, holy men of God, and even Jesus, that if men do not repent of evil, turn toward God and listen to His commands to live godly and holy lives before His Holy Throne, there will be “hell on earth” to pay.

      At the preaching of Jonah, Ninevieh repented and avoided a certain death. Because the death did not come upon them does not mean it was not going to happen.

      This is not as much a personal attack against you as it is an attack against the idea that everything is fine, and we can keep going as we have been. This is not a debate. It’s a call to Life in Jesus! I speak constantly about that subject. All who love the Lord should join me in this chorus. If you have the time and the mind to do it, post these things with sites to the scripture. Research these things. And speak what is true.

      I love you in the Lord. Don’t take this as a debate between us. Take it as a debate between you and the Lord. Clear what you believe against what He says. That is what I do in this blog; I incite people to go to Him.


      • My concience is also clear before the Lord. I test everything I read and say against scripture. But I hear what you are saying. Your opinion is beyond reproach and not up for debate because you have cleared it with God. There is no point in continuing this debate (and make no mistake it is a debate) as long as you continue in this tone.

        Lots of other people have said the same thing, many of them while presiding over unspeakable attrocities.

        You challenge me to read Hebrews and I go to one of my favourite sentances in all of scripture. “And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” Hebrews 12:1-2.

        That same Jesus who said love your enemies…


  5. There is a love for man, and for the conserns and desires of man, that does not abide in the house of God. It is an understand that comes directly from the Throne of Jesus. And this understanding is not out of the reach of those who seek to know the truth that they might do the will of the Father in Heaven.

    Though to love our neighbor as our selves is a noble cause among men, there is a love for man that will not respect sin and rebellion. This is a mature understanding that all of us can own. For now, the world aspires to a tiny glimpse of what the Lord desires for all His people. And rejection, accusation, and even death will come to all who are of this mind. I support the Lord’s vision of a godly love for man. This love does not resemble the love man has for each other. It is far more intense. This love warns. This love encourages toward a holy life. This love does not fear a theocratic government. For this will be the rule of heaven for eternity.

    I do fear, as do many, the rule of a man who says he is leading us from a godly perspective when it is obvious that lies are the rule of his heart. But this fear should not be extended to all men who profess that good confession of Jesus.

    From now until the Lord returns the rule of man will become harsher and harsher. And all who place their trust in fear will remain in fear. There are men who can be trusted. And to ignore that fact is to remain in fear all our days. I, for one, refuse to live in that fear. Test all men, by all means. But if you find someone who can pass the test, drop the foolish fear of man and embrace them.

    We are told to encourage one another with a holy encouragement as we see the day approaching. I do see that day approaching. Therefore I will continue to encourage all men to turn from evil and gather to themselves the peace of God which is born in the forgiveness, teaching, leading, and power of Christ Jesus.


  6. I applaud your desire but am concerned by your approach.

    I felt that you might enjoy a healthy debate over your perception of what constitutes good and evil. I now see that I was wrong and you actually just prefer to preach to the converted.

    By all means resist evil but do not dismiss or condemn those who question your motives or your methods.

    It is at times like this that I am reminded of the words of the great english poet Sir William Blake, who in the middle of a similar discussion with a fellow believer penned these imortal words;

    “Both read the bible day and night
    but thou seeist black
    where I seeist white.”

    We’ll have to wait and see which of us is reading their bibles correctly.. Until then, I’ll see you on the other side.


  7. There is our problem, isn’t it. You see the issue of truth vs lies as a possible grounds for debate. And as the primary tool of such a debate, you would use the word love. I have stated, rather clearly, that the Love of God is not like the love of man. So in this I present the Most High God. How can He possibly be serious grounds for a debate when it comes to the truth of the Gospel? To debate the Gospel is to delute it’s intent, content, and extent of rule over man. If men want to debate the world’s teachings regarding truth, then it is surely a grounds for debate. To debate God and what is clearly visible in His word is to enter into something far worse than a “healthy debate”.

    I know your intent. I know you are sincere. But I can’t find a clear conscience in debating the judgment of God against all ungodliness. He has made it perfectly clear to everyone who can hear or read.

    I know that you are offended because I speak without reference to certain scriptures. I don’t mean to be harsh about it, but I don’t know how to respond otherwise; I perceive this approach to me as rather silly. If what I have said is true, then it is true. If what I have said is false, then provide the means to help me remove the post.

    I regret having posted this comment. I have turned from leaving room for God to provide help to becoming my own defense. I will not remove it, however, because it shows how stupid and weak I can become.


    • There are so many things wrong with that statement I don’t even know were to start….

      That fact that you continueally refuse to engage with me on anything close to an intellectual level is beyond offensive it’s downright rediculous. That fact that you perceive my approach as “silly” only proves my point.


      • Go debate truth with those who debate truth. I know that my God IS. And that He alone is truth. What you want me to do is debate what is truth among men. I refuse. Lies are truth among men. Truth is found in God. Sin is sin and it is not talked about much anymore. Death is death, and there IS a second death. This is not talked about much anymore. Look around you! What do you see? Lovely people who are simply misunderstood? Or do you see walking corpses? I see a people who have never known God’s ways. And I will warn them as much as possible that they are about to meet The Holy God. This is not up for debate.

        You want me to love them enough to cease mentioning that they are about to die. God has shown me clearly that that is a lie! Debate and debate Lauren. I will never debate what is true. For the sake of His Holy Name I will continue to speak this message with firm conviction. And I can’t care if that offends you or anyone else. It does not offend the Lord. And it is He who I will give account to for all I am and say.

        There is a sleep over the people of America. They walk like blind fools swallowing every lie that comes their way. “There is a way that seems right to a man. But the end thereof is DEATH.”


      • Take your own advise. Your tactic is not going to convert a single soul. The vary people you are trying to reach are going to ask the same kinds of quesitons I am asking and if you treat them with same kind of contempt you’ve been treating me they will just write you off as a religious fanatic.

        I’m trying to help you be a better apologist here but if you can’t see that then just keep preaching to the choir….


      • I don’t preach to the choir. Look where you found me. Lauren, we are not building anything here. I don’t need guidance. He provides everything I need. Why and what are you trying to do here? All you’ve mentioned is “debate”. Yet all you’ve proven is that you’re irritated at me for something I said.

        You are right in one aspect: I will not convert anyone. It is God who converts people. Perhaps this is where you have run aground. You think that by the wisdom of the world we further the cause of the Most High God. This is not what I read in the Holy Scriptures. The Gospel belongs to Him. And it is by the power of the Holy Spirit preaching the Cross of Christ that men are saved. You call it a tactic. God calls it the Gospel.


      • Lauren: I have come to appologize. The Lord showed me last night what you were trying to say. Here’s how I read what He said.

        I have been given the gift of speaking through writing for Him. It is a marvelous gift. And I am capable of far more than ranting. I know these rants come from a frustration caused by seeing so many hate the God who made them. And it comes from a knowing that they are going to have to give account of their words. I’m sick of seeing people die. It’s like I jump on top a car roof and just start screaming at them.

        So, wiping the foam and drewl from my face caused by my own frustration, I now will try to pick up what He has granted me to have.

        I posted another post this morning. I haven’t named it yet. But you’ll know it when you read it. See if this post will suffice as an earnest appology for my holy anger.

        In Christ, Paul


      • If you have a facebook page, you’re welcome to “friend” me. There is so very much to share between siblings. God bless your patience. God bless your endurance in the face of the barriers of language and the singular cultures of our minds. Thank you for being faithful to the One who calls us both.

        By His Grace.


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