A Sickness Has Enveloped Me.


Disease? (Photo credit: armigeress)

I don’t know who to address this post to.  Perhaps it is simply a complaint of ailment.  But this ailment is no simple sickness.  And from this infirmity I will not recover till the Lord appears before my eyes.

My limbs are limp.  No strength apparent affords movement.  Even my fingers are numb as I type these letters.  Is it a heart attack?  No.  My head is tilted for lack of muscle strength.  It is the onset of some hideous disease?  No.  My gait is slow and rather labored.  It this because of MS?  No.

I see clearly what is about to unfold in America.  And I am aghast at the cause.  To whom shall I speak?  Who will listen?  Who will even care that there is a message of ruin?  I don’t know.  But I will speak regardless my personal knowledge that anyone will hear.

Some time ago, perhaps decades, perhaps a century, America abandoned God for the sake of personal gain.  I won’t go into the particular time.  It would do no good to itemize the problem.  But turn to today and what do you see?  I see a nation at war.  The war is about to be fought on our own ground, by our own people, and the bloodshed, tears, crushed dreams, and ruined families are staggering to behold.  Who is the enemy?  I am weak to speak this truth.  America will fight to the death with her own children.

People of America, when your parents abandoned the Lord they passed down their heritage to you.  As they walked away from Him and chased after personal desire, His hand of protection was lifted.  Foolishness took hold.  Men of foolish descent ascended to places of power and teaching.  And now you are about to reap a fire storm of cruelty.  How I ache for you.  How deep will be the pain of your crying.  Your own babies will crush you now.

Is there hope?  Not for the nation.  The only hope is that you, as individuals, return to the Most High God with a contrite and earnest heart.  What has been grown among us is firmly embedded now.  We will have to weather the storm that is coming.  There is hope if you will surrender your will to His.  But for all who remain rebellious, I am on the verge of tears for you.

I write this because it overwhelms me to sit still and silent.  So it was for many who saw this coming.  So it was for Jeremiah, as he watched in horror at the judgment of God on his own people.  All I can do is sit here limp and whisper, “wake……….. please wake up.”

By His Grace.


2 thoughts on “A Sickness Has Enveloped Me.

  1. I have already taken the initiative to begin planning an existence that no longer depends upon money. Problem is that it takes others to do start this kind of life. I’m no anti-tech guy but I feel that energy from a company can easily be replaced with other types of renewable resources. Rechargeable batteries. Solar recharger. Wind-up technology. Using the land the way it should be. It’s not an easy life but it keeps family close in a nation/world where you see technology and money ripping children from their families and sending them off to the wind. I’m not sure what to expect for the end. With so many different intelligent potentials to choose from I just say take who you can save and do your best to save them in every way they can be saved. This is my solution to an intricate problem. It’s not without problems but that is life.


    • There is a thought, regarding preparation for what is coming, that whispers within me.

      What if the onslaught lasts longer than our reserve? Then all our preparation will have been for nothing but a few days of shakable security.

      Though I can’t say that we should be lax in preparing for what is certainly coming, I can say that there is a preparation that will last all the way to the grave. God will supply the needs of His people. There are a few things we can do. But there is A thing we would do well to embrace. I know you’re aware of what that “A thing” is. I just thought I’d add that to your response.


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