In the Blink of an Eye

Regardless whether you believe it or not there is a place where you will give full (I mean full and involuntary.) testimony about what you have done in this body He has given you as a test of your heart.  The Lord once showed me how quick and permanent this testimony is.  He approaches you unseen.  And in less than a blink of an eye you know what He has found within you.  It is quicker than anything you have ever known.  And the concluding judgment is made by the One who is the final authority over all heaven and earth.  Though you deny what He finds He will simply retain His own judgment of you.  Your denial will accomplish nothing in your defense.

You will leave this body soon.  And you will be a soul who will appear before the Lord Jesus.  What will you say for yourself?  Will you dare say that you simply couldn’t curb the natural instincts?  If that’s your plan you know nothing about what the Gospel offers.  Look into it my friend.  The message of God through Jesus has the power to set you free from the things that will surely destroy you.  It is not religion.  It is true freedom to do what is good and right and just; to stop sinning!  No one who listens to Him will return to sin.  And this steadfast heart, that He will give you, will set you free from the condemnation you now face with a certainty.  No man can tame the body by himself.  Without Jesus you are locked in the perception of the body.  With him, however, your perception becomes as God sees the world.  This perception is a gift from God to all who call out to His Son in faith.

I have spoken here from God’s perspective.  Do you hate what I have said?  Do you find yourself doubting that you can lead a sinless life?  It is because you are locked in the perception of the body.  If you had been set free by the Lord you would have had an entirely different response to this message.  This perception I’m talking about is called living by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As we live by this Heaven born perception we are living by His Holy Spirit.  This gift of perception is the very power to be free from sin.  How can you listen to what has not been given to you?  How will you fight the sinful nature that you are, without being able to perceive what it does?  Enter into Jesus and He will show you clearly what the sinful nature (that is the body) is doing.  And He will set you free to choose what is good, right, acceptable to God, and eternal.

As you learn to love Him, you will learn to hate what He hates.  Come on now.  You have only a few years to live in this body before you are to give account of yourself (and that in less than the blink of an eye).  If you accept what He offers now you will never die.  If you refuse to listen to this message, you will certainly die.   As the Bible says, “He who is righteous does what is right.”  Come to Him in prayer and begin the journey into what is right, good and eternal.  Why would you die?


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