Warning: Travel With a Compatible Companion.


Carpool (Photo credit: eltpics)

To my fellow humans:

I have had many a word with those who want to argue against the Gospel in various aspects.  I want to reassure them that their arguments have been and are heard.  They think their arguments are between humans.  But I know the One who listened to the arguments they purport long before their lips spoke them.

I just wanted to put them at ease here.  Your complaints are registered in your personal name at the throne of the Most High God.  If you want mercy for what you’ve said, I suggest that you appeal to Jesus.  If you don’t care now, I understand.  And so does God.  He will ask you plainly what you meant by what you said and thought.  And He will certainly take into consideration how you taught your arguments to others (especially children).

So don’t worry about how I listened to you.  You might have walked away from a conversation with me thinking that I was angry with you.  That’s absolutely not so.  I simply spoke the truth as I read it in the Bible.  You are no offence to me at all.  Even now, I can’t remember any specific argument with anyone about the ways of God.  Oh, there’s a general sense left within me that many hate what the Bible has to say.  And by that hatred I am on their short list of people they would least like to carpool to work with.  Got it.

Have a nice day folks.


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