Eternal Vote

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The call of the day is to abandon all the work of the liberals and support conservative ideals.  And millions are making plans, through educating themselves, to do just that come November 6th.  “Millions”, I say.  Millions!  People who have never voted before are now registered and prepared to take a stand for the sake of their freedom.  Wow!  The nation is divided as never before over the issues of the day.  I almost have to laugh at the response.  Threaten to take away freedom and the nation wakes up.  There will likely be more years of voting to come.  And we will see what happens this year.  But the rousing response to liberalism is impressive.

We get to vote our mind once, twice, three times and more.  It’s kind or like a restart when elections come along.  We get to keep chosing what kind of leadership we want.  But there is an election that many of those millions are missing.

Threaten America with a loss of freedom to do anything they want and they come out swinging.  Yet few pay attention to the on going, second by second election regarding the eternal freedom.  They select leaders over the “stuff” of life in the body.  But what about the election of who is Lord of their eternity?

What would America look like if the people were as worried about voting for satan or Jesus?  Satan (I had to capitalize the name cause it was the first word in the sentence, sorry)  is the king of lies, rebellion, corruption and eternal stupidity.  Jesus is King of eternal righteousness and life.  All men everywhere are required to vote for one or the other.  The voting booth is your  heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.

With so much at stake in this American election I can see why people are a bit concerned.  But with eternity at stake I would think people would be more concerned with the eternal election also.  The real question at hand is not liberal or conservative, democrat or republican.  The real question is Life or death.

Choose Jesus!


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