Seeking Encouragement


lips (Photo credit: kavehkhkh)

My God, what would give me joy?  As I consider what You have shown Your servant regarding the coming judgment, what would give me joy?

I would be joyfilled to hear Your Holy name on the lips of all Your people.  Even if they spoke of Your ways with half a heart I would find encouragement.

It is impossible to ask You to relent.  For all Your ways are Holy and Your judgments beyond reproach.  And I would not have the people die for lack of knowledge.  Thus a purification is necessary.

There will be wailing and misery.  So be it.  But I seek encouragement.  To know that they will receive knowledge of Your ways.  That Your name would begin to leak out of their clamped lips, as even if drewl from a mad man.  To hear Your precious and lovely name escape their lips, as a snore escapes from the lungs of he who sleeps.

I seek that encouragement of Your Holy Spirit which has found a place to grasp within the wayward of Your people.

By His Grace.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Encouragement

  1. We all have our Achilles’ heel, that weak link in our spiritual chain that Satan knows all too well. We’ll go days, months, even years staying strong and faithful, avoiding it at all cost. Then, without warning or intent, we stumble, falter and succumb to its siren song. In those moments when Satan bogs us down in the quicksand of weakness, guilt and shame, God reminds us that failure is never final with the Father’s forgiveness. If you have stumbled or fallen in your faith, God stands ready to forgive. He always does. Now, forgive yourself!


    • I will say this: We also know this weak link within us. It is our duty before God to secure that weakness for the sake of His name. It is the tendency of the church today to admit that weak link and embrace it as if it is acceptable to have weakness. That is not the way I read the Gospel. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” I find no acceptance of weakness within that saying.


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