Sitting Bull’s revelation

” I will give them to you because they have no ears”  this was spoken in a revelation to sitting Bull.  In a very short time Custer and all his men were given into the hands of the Indians.

Does this mean that Jesus blessed the Indians because they were righteous?  If it should have anything to do with the righteousness of men it would be the unrighteousness of the white man’s encroachment on Indian land for the sake of greed.  And that such people would not listen to reason from the Holy Lord of life.

The white man was not listening to what is true.  But let us not ignore the fact that Indians embraced slavery and all kinds of violence for the sake of gain.  It was not your purity of religion that God was looking at it was purity of will to listen and to obey.

What stands out more clearly to me is the sovereignty of God over all men.  And we should not consider it strange that God should speak to the Indians without the gospel.  For the judgment of God will be rendered to all men regardless their nationality customs or religion.  And let us not forget what he himself has said, “Out of the mouths of babes you have ordained praise”.

Be careful not to discount what I have written here because it has to do with a revelation to Indians.  Instead let us consider carefully that God is sovereign in his judgment and actions among the dealings of men. 

“To he who has more will be given and he will have in abundance.  But he who does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him”.

By His Grace.


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