The necessity of the Gospel

It is comparatively easy to convince a man of his sin.  It travels with us moment by moment.  Guilt is a majority of our spiritual make up.  And it is the substance that leaks out into our fleshly day.  And by that “awakening” a man becomes aware of a need to cleanse himself.  So, by that means, it is also comparatively easy to convince a man that Jesus is a necessary aspect of this cleansing.

We read and hear of people saying that they need the Lord all day long.  Just a cursory look into the Christian announcement by His people will provide a rather overwhelming view of our sense of need.  And how can that be a fault?  All men know of their guilt.  It is a natural outcome that others should hear us speaking of our need for the Lord’s blood in decimating our sins.

But something less vocal comes up from the horizon of the Christian experience.  We strive all day long to convince ourselves and others that this “something more” is just as essential as the preliminary acknowledgement of our need for salvation.

It is essential that we recognize that we are not just saved to make us  happy folk.   We are saved that we might enter into His suffering.    We are saved that we might become brothers in the Lord’s testing.  We live in the same place He was tested.  He was found to be without sin.  He was found agreeing with His Father in Heaven.  And He was rewarded because of His faithful heart.

We too are living in that same place of testing.  And when we are set free of that pernicious guilt, we are then called to walk as He did.  We have become bonded to His character.  This seems to be a very difficult matter to convey to all who are learning to love the Lord of Love.

As we walk in this place we learn to carry our soul to Him at every turn.  It is in this learning that we recognize that we are far more than just man.  Here we learn that we are to share in His duties here.  Not only do we learn to speak His language.  We also learn to mimic His activity.  Prayer, a certain striving against sin toward holiness, and service to every creature.  These things are far more important than that initial saving knowledge.  Yet few are willing to enter in.

It seems enough for most that they accept the Lord as their Master so that their sins are forgiven.  But to serve that Master seems a bit of a

English: Baptism of Christ

English: Baptism of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

stretch to them.  Yet it is the essential part of our walk.  To begin to walk in the matter of salvation is not the entirety of the message.  To walk and suffer as He walked and suffered is the predominant theme of Christianity.

And so, I wrote this post with the matter that matters most.  I can’t make anyone come to grips with this concept.  Preaching is done across the entire world, every day and night regarding this subject.  So few hear it.  So few accept it.  So few do it.   Why?  Because salvation from guilt and sin is a natural desire of the human mind.  But the walk of Jesus comes from the Holy Spirit.  As we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves compelled to agree with the Father in Heaven.  Thus we begin to understand the necessity to live as the Lord Jesus lived.  He became a servant, though He is the Son of God.  We too are called to become servants, though we are sons of the same God.

By His Grace.

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