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What would you do if you were commanded to live in a house atop a hill just outside the city?  In the house is nothing more than a bed and fire pit.  No one comes to visit.  And the command restrains you from going into the city.  Every day food is supplied so that there is no need to leave your post.

The road that goes by your hill is filled with travelers.  You are commanded to spend your days preaching to them.  They are not so far away that they can’t hear you.  But none will venture to ascend your hill.  What would you do?  Will you obey and remain?  Or will you abandon your God granted post? 

Patience.  Honorable service.  Dedication to God’s sovereignty.   Faith.  And a distinct lack of personal glory and honor are yours all your days.  What will you do?

Isn’t this what we are called to do?  We are to ascend to our place near the Lord.  From there we are commanded to proclaim regardless the response.  Can you count the number of us who have gone into the city?  How many of those tiny houses contain artifacts of man?   How did they get there?   The Lord did not put them there, nor did He have them delivered.

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