To the stump

Many catch the fire.  They find the nearest stump, with a 🙂 and Grim eyes, they leap atop the stump and proclaim what they have heard.  For a little while there is interest.  But when they find themselves preaching to the squirrels, they quietly slink down from the stump.

With head hung low, they wait until nightfall to make their way home.  Having learned their lesson well, in their heart they whisper, “I don’t think I’ll do that again.”

The morning comes and as the Sun rises, they find a curious forgiveness among their friends.  “We understand buddy.  There’s a lot of folk who make that mistake.  But we can see you love us more than that.  Long as it don’t happen again, we’ll gladly forget.”

But he won’t.  He put his hand on the plow and looked back.  It will haunt his mind for the rest of his days.  And as his time grows short,  it will become more than a vague hunting.  It will turn to a palpable fear.

Where would we be if the Lord Jesus had done the same thing?  What if Moses had decided to slink off the stump?  What if Billy Graham thought,  “The love of friends is better.”  And with all this in mind, can you see why we dare not turn back?

By His Grace

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