Who are you?

Who can say he would do such if certain things happened to him?  To make words is easy.  Fools do it all day long.  But who among us knows of what they are made before the test is given?  And even as a test begins upon us we have not yet seen the fullness of our nature.

Were your mate to have a stroke and lay in a bed for 10 years.  Could you endure?  What would you do?  As the question is presented, your mind answers.  But you cannot say for sure.  Your answer would arrive at the end of the 10 years.

Life as you now know it will end.  Plans you had together will not just deteriorate or be placed on hold, they will evaporate into nothing in the flash of a moment.  And you will become embroiled in a horrible test.

Should you be caught up in some stupidity and find yourself in jail for 20 years, what would you do?  Again, the answer comes at the end of 20 years.  What we say before the test is complete is but speculation.  It is not even to calculated guesstimate.  Proof alone can rightly answer.

We know what is right.  We know what the word valor means.  We know the meaning of weakness and strength.  But we do not know of what we are made until we are tested.

No man can fully be called faithful to Christ until he arrives before the Holy One; this place of testing left behind forever.  Until then we fall on our knees and beg for mercy that we may endure everyday.  To consider yourself a faithful Christian now is to prepare a room for pride.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?  Who knows what will happen before the sun sets?  What we are is what we have done.  The sum of our history is a test.  As you look at what you have done, who are you?  We are living answers.

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