God is True

Attain.  Remain.  Send honor to the Holy One.

He is true and of excellent wisdom, even to the fullness of the term.

He has sent His Grace abroad; filling all manner of trees of men.

He has set the bounds, perfectly set and firmly.

One will reach to the heavens.  Another is but like a shrub.

The Trees in His Holy Garden of Grace abound.  They are trimmed by the Holy Will of the Living God.

Let a man accept his place.  Yet let him reach toward what is higher.

What tree seeks to grow toward its roots?  Does it not grow to its fullness toward the Sun?

Let a man know his place.  Yet let him give honor to what is full.

Aspire!  Greatly aspire to what is best.

Humility is found in the knowledge of restriction.

The proud seek what they cannot have.  But the humble see, with clear vision, what is theirs to own.

God alone is true, faultless, power beyond the perfected.

He is sovereign, and thrice Holy.

By His Holy Grace we live.  By His Holy Wisdom we own.  By His boundless strength we serve; each in his proper place.

Attain!  Retain!  Send Honor to the Holy One, the Living God and His Holy Word The Christ.

Salvation is a richly variegated garden of souls.

May His Holy Will be done forever!



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