My Last Meal


The prisoner condemned to die is offered his last meal.  “What do you want Steven?”   The guards face was happy.  He’ll be glad to be rid of this trash.

“I want steak and potatoes, green beans and spinach.  Two margaritas and an apple pie.”  A belly is only so big.  And the drink is for the terror.  “And if its possible, could you serve it to me on the finest of China please.”

The prisoner of this world dies a hideous death.  The Prisoner of Christ Jesus is born into indescribable glory.  We will eat and be fully satisfied.

As a prisoner in Christ I want Lamb, Holy blood, and served on the fine righteousness of Christ Jesus.  Let me gorge myself on the best possible food.  Then I will be strong and bring him the most excellent of glory possible.

By His Grace


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