Working for the Lord


Does God care about what you do?  I’m not talking about abstaining from evil.  Does God care that your work is pleasing to everyone?

As an example:

I asked the Lord to help me please the princess.   This is the name the Lord and I give to the lady he has allowed me to love. 

She is an extremely diligent woman.  She is wise and willing to help everyone.  Her heart is carefully careless.  So she is a princess of the Lord.  And she is therefore is my princess.

I asked him what I might do to help her in her life.  At one point he, simply reminded me to shave.  And another point, I find myself consumed on my day off, to clean the house and to prepare the place she lives.

Today the Lord and I dug around the flower bed.  I have to say, it looks very nice.  But why should I be surprised?  The Lord is taking care of the needs of his princess.  And I am greatly honored to be used in this way.

I testify that the Lord cares very much about our work.  He even cares about how we serve the evil people of this world.

Until the day when the Lord returns he will feed and dress every man, woman and child.  He takes care of every creature on this earth according to his excellent wisdom.  Of course then, he cares very much about how his people carry themselves.

He is love even unto death.  How should his people be any less?  So the question is not so much, does the Lord care.  Perhaps we ought to rephrase the question.  Do we care?

By His Grace


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