The Perfection of Holy Forgiveness

It’s amazing how some things dawn on us ever so slowly.  We think we understand but we do not know as we should. Many people would call humans rather intelligent.  I am forced to think otherwise.

The comparison men use to grade themselves on intelligence, is born in the sea of men (the sum of which could be compared to a jellyfish).  But compare our intelligence to the Most High God and His holy son Jesus, and we fall so far short we are not even worthy of mention in his righteous court.

We all make mistakes on a daily basis.  Many of those mistakes can be referred to as sin; for we knew better but chose that way anyhow.  Can God forgive our sins?  The answer is “absolutely”.

It just dawned on me today how that can be so.  Duh.

The Lord has allowed me to be with and love an absolutely wonderful woman.  She knows my faults but chooses to overlook them.  She is full of discretion and does not speak of them to others.  She makes no excuse for me, but she buffers me against what could be an enemy.

If she is such a wonderous human being and yet falls so far short on the intelligence level, (As do we all.)   How much greater and more discreet is the sweet love of the Son of God?

Certainly something to ponder when doubt overshadows our forehead.

By His Grace


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