It’s Nearly Time

When man least expects it, God will send His Son to collect His people.  What will the world look like when man least expects a visit from the Holy Lord Jesus?

Across the whole world, all men will be distracted by the things of this world.  All but a very few will be watching and waiting.

Television, Internet, entertainment of various kinds, working for money, drunkenness, sexual immorality, pursuing education, building more and more buildings, planning their case as they take each other to court, immersed in glorifying the body of every possible way, marrying and giving in marriage, buying land and houses, cars, boats and planes.  The distractions of this world are endless.

But soon the trigger will be reached.  The Holy Father will give the command.  The Holy Son will move without the slightest hesitation.  Without a hint of mercy, Christ Jesus will appear with thousands and thousands of holy angels.

As quickly as it has appeared to men, it will subside.  Gone will be all who love him.  Those who remain, will now own the peace they desired; an entire world without the influence of the Holy Spirit.

What will be the nature of the world on that day?  Shall it be much more different than today?

How many families give thanks to God before they eat their meals together?  How many people wake up early in the morning to go find a quiet place to pray?  How many people live their lives according to the rule of Christ Jesus?  How many actively seek the Lord’s direction for absolutely everything they do?

Fewer and fewer, my friend

Those who believe in some alien creatures from another planet, are vastly more than those who worship the living God in Christ Jesus.  Millions attend a sporting event, but only a handful attend church.  And of those who attend the church, there are only a handful who live their faith throughout the week.

What is the world supposed to look like when the father finally sends His Son?

What may be even sadder than the great majority left behind, is how very few will even read this message.  And even worse than that, is how few of the few who read this will bother to tell someone else.

What must the world look like when the trigger is reached for God the Father to send His Holy Son?

Perhaps the baby is born tonight.  While all of you sleep, the last child of promise leaves the womb.  Perhaps the last Christian to be baptized, will emerge from the water tomorrow morning.  Perhaps the last “Amen” will be spoken in a prayer just before the crack of heaven, tomorrow night.

But go, go, go!  Go enjoy yourself while there’s still time.  Ignore these things as you have in the past.  How should this message make any difference?

Let those who are holy remain holy.  Let those who are vile remain vile.  Even so, Lord Jesus, come!

By His Grace


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