Looking Forward

I prepare to start driving for the night.  As I sit and prepare my mind, I hear the whining of truck tires on the freeway.   I will soon be making the same noise.

The peace of God’s creation is split asunder by the works of men’s hands.  The night is carved by sounds of a day of darkness.   And there is shame in me as I sit in a peaceful place preparing for the war of noise.

How I look forward to the place where these things are not.  Where a man may walk eternally through the trees and listen to the smallest of breeze in their leaves.  The place where what God has created is appreciated far more than what a man’s hands may do.

You have secured a place for me, Holy Lord Jesus.  And not only me, but millions of others who love you.  Thank you for being the mercy of our God.  Thank you for the promise of eternal peace.  And this promise delivered to us even while we live in a wicked and unholy place.

May the will of God be done forever for He alone is good and true.  Amen.

By His Grace


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