THE Persistent Question

A persistent question begs entrance to my soul.

Light is the knock of its perfect fingers on my door.

Yet knock it does, and this all day and night.

Answer, O soul of mine!  Answer that your choice might be known.


Share with me, the question.

Share an answer according to proof.

Question yourself, as He demands do I.

Let us face eternity, from the wilderness side of the River.


Does our faith produce religion or transformation?  Given the question, we all know the right answer.

If all we want is to be acceptable or elevated among men, then let our faith produce a religious man.

But if we have set our mind toward the love of the Father, then let us endure toward transformation.


Millions make no choice at all, in regard to either of these.  They ignore the question completely.

They choose, instead, to embrace the things of this world.  To whatever degree their conscience allows.

They make no choice at all.

As if a shadow in the dark, they meld into the variety of ways the world offers each man to live.

But those who have heard of Christian faith make a choice.


If Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection mean only religion to a man, that is what he will become.

If He suffered and was Glorified for the sake of transforming all men into His Holy likeness,

Then let the change begin.

If the latter is our choice, then where is the proof?  Are we but misguided religious Christians?

Do we think we will fool the Living God, forever?   He who loves the world, stands at odds with Heaven.


This world, and everything in it, will pass away with a fiery blast.  Nothing will remain but what the man has become.

What will we say?  What will we testify; by virtue of what we have become?  Where will we stand?

For, once this world is gone, all that remains will be Holy, Holy, and Holy.

Will we find that we have endured to the death of desire, or succumb to the great lies of this world?


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