The amazing New Jerusalem

Please forgive me for being mathematically inept, and rather small minded.  But I just did some rough mathematics on the New Jerusalem, and came away with an astounding point of view.

The hotel Venetia Macau has 3000 rooms.  It is a luxury hotel in China.  Pretty big huh?

Now let’s consider the New Jerusalem, 1225 miles square, as a hotel.  Let’s just put rooms against the wall on every floor.  Let the rooms be 100 feet square with 10 foot ceilings.  But let the interior of the New Jerusalem contain whatever it will.

That’s almost five hundred forty thousand floors.  That’s 1.4 trillion rooms. 

How long would it take you to walk up the stairs if you lived on the top floor?  How long would it take you to visit your friend on the other side of the building?

From Kansas City to California.  From Galveston to Troy Montana.  Then go up 1225 miles.

There’s no question I’m wrong about all this.  But I just wanted to voice this perspective.  Whatever God does is greater than any imagination can imagine.  But do you realize that’s 1.4 trillion people?

Is there room in heaven for you?  How can you possibly ask?  By the way, that’s just the city with twelve pearl gates.  What about the people outside the city?

Ponderous stuff. 

I can’t wait for somebody to rectify my math.  Or to correct me on the dimensions.  But until that happens I’ll stand here amazed.

By His Grace


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