He Needs Your Help

The promise of God, it’s  deep and it’s sure;
Lasting forever and ever.

To forfeit our standing for smallest of pleasure,
What horrible loss do we suffer.

The power of prayer is cut to the quick.
Our confidence: shattered in place.

All for the sake of a runaway smile;
On a downcast and darkened face.

Our Lord for the sake of the joy set before him,
Endured the cross, scorning its shame.

While man, for the sake of a joy set before him,
Disgraces His Holy Great Name.

Who can speak of reward such behavior does strip?
Who has understood what’s ahead?

The echoes of promise lay shattered and torn,
While our heart is filled up with regret.

Isn’t there something to which you can reach,
Inciting a love for your God?

Avoiding the places that rip you away;
Restraining your feet from the “broad”.

There’s a man who will stand on that Great Holy Day,
And his standing depends on you.

The choices you make for that hope far away,
He’s depending on what you now do.

By His Grace


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