Freshly Pressed?

I thumb through “Freshly Pressed”, to see if someone speaks something of value.  All I find are short articles regarding the things of men.  I didn’t stay long there’s nothing on the table to eat.

Some would call me stuck up, arrogant and self-righteous.  To think that I consider what I write to be of more value than theirs.

Okay that’s fine.  Let’s hold up every word they speak against every word the Angels speak.  What’s missing?  Jesus, the Christ of God.

Now who’s train of conversation will last longer, the eternal angels or man who lives but a few years?  Whose words are full of holiness and whose are full of rott gut thoughts?  Whose is the language that will last forever?  Whose string of words will change within an hour?  Who gives glory to God?  Who gives glory to man?  Decide for yourself.

Do you really expect that I should love the things of men more than the things of God?  You would call me names because I do not appreciate what you write.  It was such people who treated the Holy Lord of life like human trash, when he was nailed to the cross.

Write what you will.
You will answer him still.
Account will be given in full.

Accuse has you must.
Ostracize in disgust.
He reigns from His Holy Hill.

By His Grace


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