Always On Display

Everyday I see you.  Yes you are noticed.  Even in the night, with the doors locked and the windows shaded over, you are being watched. 

Every breath and heartbeat is counted, up to its leveling sum; that day when they add up to ceasing.  That day you cannot predict, as you now do your public behavior.

Most of the time you are like a woman dressed in finery, posing for a painting, with a delicate and entrancing smile.  Those who see you gasp with joy at the beauty you represent.  But I have seen you when you think no one is watching.

Then, you are like a ravenous lion; unrestrainable drewl escaping, wild eyed, and hungry to violence for what you desire. 

Then, your entrancing beauty is obscured by your greed.  Your beautiful habits, disheveled by illicit craving.

Yes you have been noticed, as is your compelling want.  Yes you have been seen, but not as you expect.  You rehearsed vigorously but it did you no good.  For every man owns moments of vulnerable appearance.

You disturbed the air with movements unlawful.  You spoke with voiceless words of filthy attitude.  You reached with wide eyed greed to grasp what was not yours.  You gave no thought to prying eyes.

Nothing we do or are is hidden from the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.  For in Him we live and move and have our being.

By His Grace


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