Ethics 101

We all see it happen all day long.  Relatively decent people making wicked choices.  But let’s face facts.  Wicked choices are expected among the population of this world.

If you don’t strive to be first, your counted as insignificant and stupid. 

If you don’t break the law, just a little, you’re just not an intelligent person.  After all, they won’t throw you in jail for small infractions.

If you don’t lie a little bit, you will be hated by everyone who knows you.  No one confides in the man who tells the truth.  Curiously, such a man is utterly untrustworthy in this world.

In light of all this, I thought to myself, I would like to teach a class whereby men are taught ethics.  But within a fraction of a second, I changed my mind.

Though they would all nod with agreement while they were in class, by the time they got out the door they would forget everything they learned. 

So I thought, the fix, then, is to create a fast search chart.  Let the men hold it while they do all the things they normally do.  But who would be stupid enough to do that?

It was then that the comparison ignited in my mind.  This is what the Holy Spirit does for those who believe in Christ Jesus.  He is the living educator.  And he lives in the soul of those who trust in the Son of the Living God.

What is the summation of all this?  The summation is that those without the Holy Spirit have no hope of doing righteousness.  They are locked in a battle to see who can be the most wicked and get away with it.

They are not free men, regardless what society says.  They are bound to wickedness as surely as the moon is bound to the earth.

As the Apostle John wrote, “Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. The one who does what is right is righteous . . .”  (1 John 3: 7)   And surely, the one who does what is wicked is a wicked man.

No man can hope to do what is right without the Spirit of God leading him constantly.  No one can hear the Holy Spirit accept that God gives him spiritual ears.  Man is completely hopeless without the sacrifice of Christ.

It is important to note that the word “practice” is often used in conjunction with righteousness.  He who practices righteousness will eventually do it habitually.  We already know how to be wicked.

There, I just held ethics 101.  You don’t need a cheat sheet.  You simply need to fall to your knees and ask God for help.  Or you can remain just like you are.  The choice is right there before you.

By His Grace


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