I Don’t Understand Why

Why do your people love good works, yet turn away from the man who gives You open praise.  I don’t understand why the public proclamation of the Holy One’s name is such an abomination to the ears of Your people.

I don’t understand why it is apparently an impropriety  for a man to give praise to God in public.  Even if it is spoken in the hearing of those who say they believe, it is not received with mutual joy.  I don’t understand, Sovereign God.

But Who am I to voice my lack of knowledge?  You have spoken of this profusely.  Why do the people who call themselves “of God”, refuse the joyful words you send?  As they have killed your prophets, and stoned those you have sent to them, so they ignore the praise you deserve.

Is this too harsh a conclusion for me to own?  I do not intend to judge, I intend to understand.  Therefore let my assessment be heard in the Holy Court of my God

Is it because religion has taken the place of faith?  Is this why they respond to the joy of Your Holy Spirit as if the man is insane?  “Are you such a fool as to not realize it is inappropriate to speak of God here?  Such lips are exclusively used in church.  Speak here with your “outside” voice.”

I find it impossible to understand.  And so I present my consternation to You, Great Sovereign God of eternity.

By His Grace


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