Meet “The Christians”

When will the Church of Christ realize it has been cut away from the rock of man?   We are told to make ourselves separate from the world.  But very few realize this has already been accomplished to some degree.

When the Gospel is believed, it separates the man from all the rest of the world.  Never again can he join in all the abominations with a clear conscience.  Never again will the joys of sin sparkle in his eyes as before.

If you believe in Christ Jesus, you have already been culled from the mass of men.  Your belief in Christ Jesus has separated you forever.  The transformation has already begun.  And you know in your heart you are hated for it.

So why does the Church capitulate with those who have no part with her?  It is because of fear.  They fear being cast out.  They fear being ostracized.  They fear being different because they know the world is violently evil toward the Holiness of God.

How do they know this?  Because the violence toward God was in them also.  And by their silence, the violence remains!  As a man is, so he does.

Let everyone of us remember!  Among those cast out from the Great City, are the cowards and the faithless.  To fear and to lack faith, is to resist belief.  How can a man say he believes in the Son of God if it does not make a drastic difference in his strength and resolve?

If you will not stand apart now, you will not stand apart then.  Silence and inclusion will not save you.  It is only a detriment to your place in eternity.  For every man will be judged according to his own deeds.  Do not believe the great satanic lie, “UNITED WE STAND“.

And let us put this “politically correct” stance of the Holy Church in proper perspective.  When you appear before the Most High God, you will be standing among those who willingly gave their very life for the Gospel you now hold to yourself.   What great shame will cover you then?  What great fear will shake your soul?  Do you think it might be more than what you may receive here?  Very possibly.

Wake up “Modern Church”!  You’re about to meet your ancestors!

By His Grace


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