Old Friends?

It came to me in a dream.  Was it from the Lord?  Let the reader decide.

At a social gathering, I met Bill.  I hadn’t seen him for almost 30 years. 

I can’t say I was happy to see him, but I was certainly surprised.  He was my boss when I used to work the oil rigs.

In the course of a very short conversation, I asked him if there was a place for me on his team.  I can’t possibly explain why.  At over 60 years old I wouldn’t be much use.

He seemed to be half sincere with his stammering answer.  “I’ll see what I can do.”  Curiously, all of a sudden, he developed a broken foot. So, understandably, he prepared to leave.

In the process of trying to follow him, I passed by a beautiful young woman I used to know.  I didn’t say hi, but I certainly noticed.

At the end the dream I got up and sat in a chair to think.  A few moments later I heard the familiar wisdom of God.  “They may come around long enough to tempt you back, but they don’t want you.”

When a man faces temptation to join the world in all their extreme folly, it would be good for him to remember, he is of no value to them.

For even if he abandons the Sovereign God in Christ Jesus, he is tainted with some level of holiness.  Everything he does and says will contain something of God.  I can guarantee you such a man will not be embraced by those of the world, regardless what he does.

Learn to hate temptation.  It only tries to manipulate you.  It doesn’t care if you live or die.  It does not want your friendship.  It is absolutely void of the concept of love.  And whatever pleasure it apparently gives, is found exclusively in you.  There is no such thing as mutual joy in sin.

By His Grace


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