Stealthy Christians

Take note of the animals that use cover and camouflage to move about and hunt.

Notice how vulnerable they are if they are exposed. 

The worm is helpless without the earth to cover him.

The lion hunts in vain when there is no concealment.

The snake is crafty, using both.

The sparrow hawk hovers above the line of sight.  If he will eat, he must keep his place.

Concealment is necessary for animals.

But what Christian has the right to conceal the light of God; to hide within the acceptable social framework?

The Lord Jesus was exposed and died, for the sake of the salvation you hope for.  How is it you live out your faith with stealth?

Those who trust in him, will live though they die.  Can you say you have come to believe this?

Billions pass them by,  not the slightest awareness they have just passed a Christian.

They will not ask.  Is this the concealment you hope for; the willing ignorance of men?

By His Grace


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