The Charade of Men

Waking brings him near. 

The daylight testifies to him with loud and colorful words.

The night, and even sleep, are times of expectation.

He trains the soul to love him.

Hunger for the Holy Lord erupts like a pent up volcano; no one can quench it

This, in measure of the words of men, is how it is for those the Lord has called to be his own. 

The world ascribes these things to those who are set aside as pastors or priests.

They say:
“Let them wear the cloth or other significant clothing.  Let them remain in the building we have allowed to be called the church.  Force them, by expectation, to live as marked men.  In this way we will know who to avoid; who to share our convenient and crafty lies with.  Who it is due, that we should render our list of convenient excuses.

Let us war with fairness.  Let the enemy be marked blatantly.  How else can we subject them?  How else can we control their evil influence?  Even among the enemies of our own blood, uniforms are displayed.  Make it be so with them.”

But the Lord has seen the folly.  He has allowed man to play and evil charade.  All the while men think they have contained what is holy, the living God has raised up a people in their midst.

Hate the Lord’s people, old wicked an adulterous world.  Divide them and secluded them from all your unholy ways.  Despise the one who glorifies the Holy Name of God in your presence.  The fire of God will never leave his people.

But it is your religion to cast away the things of the living God.  It is the religion of this world to destroy the things of heaven. 

God will never be touched by your abomination of faithless faith.  You put your faith in what is not.  The living God will not be contained.

Litigate against the Lord’s people.  Separate them.  Mark them and place them in containment.  Still they wander among you free men.

You will never contain the living God.

By His Grace


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