The Fearless and the Ordinary

Fearless, and ordinary passion for Christ will come face to face with the stubborn ignorance of this world.  But ordinary passion will lose the battle before it is begun.

Stubborn ignorance knows the difference.  When confronting ordinary passion, stubborn ignorance is allowed to use a variety of excuses.  For ordinary passion has only answers for himself.  His lamp is set for use in the house.  It is not built for travel in the streets.

But when stubborn ignorance comes face to face with fearless passion, calculated and decisive strikes will lower his guard.  The lamp of fearless passion is a blazing light that penetrates to the deepest parts of every man.  No matter how the armor of ignorance is turned, the gaps in its protection are pierced.

Fearless passion has a twinge of warrior.  But ordinary passion is a brother to self satisfaction.  This is a harsh saying, but it finds its truth in fruit.

Fearless passion is of the family of godly humility.  But ordinary passion is of the family of man.  Another harsh saying.  War requires a fearless heart.  While the ordinary its content with the domestic.

Fearless passion goes hunting for the transformation of men, regardless the threats to himself.  But ordinary passion has received his desire and finds himself satisfied; full of the gain he hoped to find.

Both passions recognize the holy fire of God (afterall, they are passions).  But the fearless enter in, allowing themselves to be burned by the work of God.  While the ordinary perceive God’s holy fire simply as protection and forgiveness of sins.

The Fearless desire to be sent.  The ordinary are content to stay at home.  By compulsion their message to the world will differ radically.  One perceives the gospel as a choice in lifestyle.   The other perceives the great weeping and gnashing of teeth that will surely come.

Fearless passion will enter into the war for souls.   He will not consider his life of any value, but that he should serve the Sovereign God in Christ.  With abandon, he counts his life as nothing.  He seeks to save the souls of others, and stands before the Lord, willing and daily, to be sent.

Ordinary passion respects the Lord’s love, but fails to make the connection between his own need for salvation and that of others.  Except where he is invited, he keeps the gospel to himself.  This is the proof of fruit that a man may easily see for himself.

Both passions will serve the living God.  But the domains, in which they serve, are radically different.  One is built to willingly embrace death and threat.  The other is built on the gladness of life.

Both will be received by the Holy Lord.  Both are a ligament response to the sacrifice of Christ.  But one seeks understanding (to the “doing), while the other is content to receive and become.

Personally I perceive that the fearless are the intent of the gospel.  But I will not shake the faith of the ordinary.  Still, I cannot help wondering what this world would be like if every Christian were fearless.

By His Grace


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