Tying Virtue Tight

Mocking virtue is the business of those who have none.  It is not a business of jealousy or greed.  It is a business run by pure evil.

Yet to make a mockery of those who work in that factory, is to displace virtue with judgment. 

Those who work in high-rise construction often tie their tools to their person.  Care is taken for the sake of others below.

Those to whom virtue is displaced, are like a careless highrise worker.

Let those on the ground mock the workers in the air as they tie their tools to their wrists.  It is not because they lack control or dexterity. 

It is for the sake of those who mock, that we bind virtue tightly.  Judgment is reserved for he who never makes a mistake.

Let us make our assessments with the wisdom of God.  Those who mock can be a sincere distraction.  But let us keep clear and intense focus, that those who move below may have a place to live.

By His Grace


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