“The Righteous State”

We could write about the joy and war of walking in “The Way”.

But what a waste of words for those who pleasure all the day.

The quiet joy of righteousness they know no thing about.

Just mention “Thanks through holiness”,  you’ll see them shudder and pout.

For what they need to hear will fall on plugged up ears.

They consider such great words as only from their peers.

But shall we hold the pen in place,

Though such refuse to run the race?

Perhaps tis not to them we write,

But those who seek with all their might.

The audience is not the question.

We simply write God’s clear Salvation.

They cannot say amen to such,

As love the way of man so much.

But there are those who hunger still.

We write that they may have their fill.

For none will have eternal part,

But those clean hands and purified heart.

No sin will never enter in.

Beautiful wretches!  Let them begin!

Lovely souls with hearts contrite.

Lacking hope and void of might!

Their beds awash with tears of fright,

From crying all throughout the night!

Come repentent ones and taste

Forgiveness and “The Righteous state”.

By His Grace


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