Humility Takes Hard Work

Will a man take pride in being a Christian; lording it over others in his own mind?  It would do well for him to remember his humble beginnings.

He himself did not ask for salvation.  By the provoking and unveiling of God, by this alone he has perceived.  Before the Lord touched him he did not even know to ask.   How then can the pride of man accompany the Christian faith?

But isn’t this a perplexing ritual?  It is as if a caustic liquid that cannot be contained.  No sooner do we seal the leak, and judgment of others comes from another place.  Even the maturity of a man does not repair what lacks.

From the day of our birth in Christ, to the day we are received, we will find fault with ourselves if we look.  It is wise then to humbly consider ourselves every moment we are in this place.

Only with holy, God born, introspection, can a man stem this flood of sin.  We not only need the Living God’s Son for the sake of the day of judgement, we desperately need him for every breath.

What is not of God will be stripped away.  What does not belong to God will not inhabit his kingdom.  Sobriety, prayer, humility, and righteous doing is required.  A man should never be able to say to himself, “I have arrived!  I am mature!” (Certainly not while in this place of testing).

Renewing a mind of humility is a detestable work to the flesh.  But it is primary among the things of God. 

It is impossible to command a man to be humble.  The best we can do is remind.  If there is choice in Christ, is it is to go to him and ask.  And we know those who ask in truth, receive.

By His Grace


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