The Profitable Child

I considered myself wealthy.  So much that I could not spend all that I had.  So desire was conceived in me to raise up the child.

I am no amoeba.  And I have no partner in “The love”.  So I ask the Holy One to give me a child.

His response was quick and the child was born far before its time.  It was born in the night when my strength was spent.  So I put the child to rest and went to rest myself.

In the morning I woke to see my child in the daylight.  With my mind and eyes sharpened, the vision came much clearer.  To the eyes of man this child is ugly, misshapen and obscure.  But to my eyes of love and desire it is beautiful to behold.

There is no place of nursing.  The child is able to fend for itself.  The birthing was longer than the child’s maturity took.  So I gave it clothing and set it on its way.

My desire for a child was not that I may have a place to love, but that my Lord may benefit from my life.

So now the child is set among the many.  Let it be gawked at.  Let it find ridicule.  Or let it be embraced and cherished.  The child belongs to the Lord.

He has given me my desire that he may have his.  And in our mutual desire, many others prosper also.

As oddly as the child was conceived, so is its name.  As is its state of letting go, so is the place it remains.  Maturity, prominence, acceptance or rejection, who cares?  Let those who love him benefit.

This is the name of the child:

By His Grace


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