Legitimate Complaints?

7 days of creation.  And on the seventh day God rested from his work.

7 plagues of God’s vengeance.  And on the seventh plague God will establish peace for eternity.

We are told in Revelation, that men will curse God for the plagues that are sent upon them.  Their cursing will reflect a very curious attitude.

“This is our place how dare you disturb it!  These are our children!  These are our things!  What right do you have to take away our lives?”

What a very curious look into the heart of rebellion.

If this is your place, produce the one who made it.  If these are truly your children produce your ability to make a soul.  If you want to question God’s rights, produce your proof of sovereignty.

If you want freedom, submit to God in Christ Jesus His Holy and Righteous Son.  If you want slavery to eternal loss, continue as you are.

By His Grace


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