Shining Folly

It has come and stolen what is precious.  But no one seems to notice.  The treasury of man has been ransacked while the guards were sleeping.

Even making this proclamation requires that the story be told of the things that have been stolen.  For humanity has forgotten its used to own a precious gift.

A man was walking down the street.  In his pocket he had 7 golden coins.  His hand would not leave his pocket while he walked about in public.  This is how lovingly he protected his wealth.

A stealthy creature, dressed in white, stepped out of an alley in front of him.  With beaming smile he addressed the man.  “I am pleasantly rich and have chosen you, that I may grant you the desire of your heart”.  So the creature spoke to the man.

Because the creature was lovely, and the offer so desired, the man stopped to listen.  “What do you offer and how much do you require?” 

With entrancing eyes and a beautiful smile, the creature produced a shining large coin.  Its beauty was magnificent and it seemed to hum in the hands of the creature.  The man’s heart was set ablaze with desire. “This coin is rare indeed.  It has been mined from a place where only three men have ever been able to reach.  But because I have chosen you, all I require are 7 gold coins.”

Without another thought the 7 coins in the man’s pocket were exchanged.  With best wishes they parted company and the man left for his duties.

He could have spent the 7 gold coins that were in his pocket.  He could have thrived well for the rest of his life on what property he did own.  But he exchanged it for a worthless plug of metal. 

For two reasons it is worthless.  Because it is not the currency of the land, no one will exchange it for goods.  And because the man thinks it is more precious than his very life, he will not part with it.  So the man is ruined though he does not perceive it.

To poverty he plunged before he took the first step away from the creature. Man has exchanged a very valuable resource for the things that do not last.

In the days before technology men believed in deity.  This is the time of which is written, “But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.” (Galatians 4: 4)

With what will man today reach to purchase the things that last forever?  He has exchange his wealth for shining folly.

God’s people yearn to see a love for the living God displayed in all men.  But they will not listen because they have exchanged their wealth for that which will not last.

By His Grace


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