Stupidity is Not Your Friend

They asked Charles to give the prayer at the Thanksgiving meal.  The only reason he was given the honor, is that he is the only one of them that attends church more than twice a year.

They all bowed their heads, and Charles cut loose.

“Good family.  Good meat. Good god! Let’s eat!”  Chuckles were heard, and the family left a “holy” things behind.

Was their conscience cleared by some stupid and ignorant prayer?  One might wonder, “What conscience?”.

As is the way with all men, everyone around that table will eventually die.  Such moments as those will be carried with every one of them.

As they stand before the Most High God to be judged, they will immediately sprout a conscience.  Stupidity and ignorance will no longer be their friends.

Here comes Thanksgiving, give it a thought.

By His Grace


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