Sweet Dreams are Made of These

I was at a truck stop scanning in my papers while I listened to a song that was playing.  The song is “sweet dreams are made of these”, by the Eurythmics.

I’ve heard that song hundreds of times before.  But the power of what she was saying dawned on me like the rising Sun.

Everyone is looking for something.  That must mean we are all compelled to search.  And she’s right.

The variety of religions in the world range from obedience to what they call holy law, to the abuse of self and others.  Regardless, men search as a compulsion.  This is proof that there is something to be found.  Even the atheist searchs diligently to disavow the search.  But his activity proves there is something to be disavowed.

How happy then is the one who finds it?  How secure in his way, does his life become?  And what great peace should overshadow him 24 /7?

Christ is the answer.  He is the one that is provoking the search.  The errant things men do are caused by their misunderstanding. 

If you would have what everyone is looking for, search diligently into the things of Christ Jesus.  You are compelled to search. Why not search what is true?

If a man can’t find the truth he’ll create his own series of lies.  But I testify that the Living God is alive among his people in Christ Jesus.

By His Grace


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