“It’s too hard to stay here.”   So says the one who thinks divorce is an option.  They think the pain of abuse is too much.  They think the lure of lust is worth travail.

My friend, you have no idea what waits for you in the night.  You know nothing about the pain you will feel when you look at your children’s faces.  You have no idea how painful it will be to remember your former spouse.  You have no idea what you are throwing away.

The joy of one year will fade with explosive quickness.  You will never be a part of the next family you try to join.  You will always belong where you were!

But you will not listen to my words.  Though they are the words of one who knows, you will not hear them.  You have already made up your mind in some fantasy you embraced.

And if you are foolish enough you will continue to embrace this fantasy, regardless the regret your heart gives you, you will be faced with a severe choice.  Your heart is cold and callous now.  Foolishness will turn it to stone.

You will not love with open heart.  You will love by ritual and habit.  You are cutting yourself deeply and the scar will never leave.

You married for the wrong reasons.  You think your ignorance gives you license.  What you are purchasing is a license to death. 

You should stay and learn.  You should clear the rubble and work to build a strong foundation.  Once you have made the step, you cannot go back.  And you will soon desire to go back.

The warning has been made, what would you do?

By His Grace


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