God Born Habits Rescue From Dereliction

I was just thinking of the things that the Lord Jesus has taught me over the years.  Above all other lessons, the lesson of creating habits has been the most useful.

He has caused me to make a habit of doing the things that don’t normally need to be done.  So that when they do need to be done, they are just a natural extension of my normal day. 

By this he has also taught me to notice when things are not right.  If I go about my tasks in a habitual manner I notice when a piece of it is missing.

By this he has taught me to be a somewhat righteous worker.  I mean, the habits he has taught me to employ, are the habits I am told I must use by those who pay my wage.  I make less mistakes.  I don’t cut corners.  And by the habits, I generally make a good use of time.

You may think that man can learn this by himself.  Perhaps.  But that is not the general rule is it?  And why would anyone think that?  Are they trying to avoid a relationship with the living God?  Likely.

There is so much more to say about how the Lord Jesus has rescued me from folly and the insanity of dereliction.  But if a man will approach him, and ask to be taught the things that matter.  The Lord will show him these things.

If you too could have these, why would you not ask him?

By His Grace


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