Inexpensive Poverty

It affects us all; the infection of want.  And a world of commerce which lowers the prices of goods aids in its own decline.

The rich get richer, while the poor become more greedy.  Empty houses fill up with shining objects.  Thus lives are lit on fire with trouble.  Thus invisible greed takes shapes we can hold. 

Financial ruin brings poverty back home.  But this time poverty lives in a house filled with shining objects, and greedy eyes.  But it is not just shining objects which bring poverty.  Moral decay is worse.

A society that does not divide between righteousness and sin, is bound to bring eternal poverty.  The lust for women is set on fire by inexpensive clothing, jewelry, perfumes, and makeup.  The lust for the man who has a nice car, clothing, house, and purchased social position, sets ablaze the wayward wife’s desire.  And all of this a godless society promotes with abandon.

The children learn early that divorce is an option.  No longer are they taught to work out their troubles.  Mommy and daddy prove that righteousness can be attained through the back door.  The children are taught to bind quitting with their vows.  The word “vow” becomes diluted and worthless.  The once stable world spins out of control.

The wicked man never wonders why he does what he does.  The greedy man simply reaches for “more” to massage his aching conscience.  But time moves by and the cost increases.  Time goes by, and the expense of poverty increases exponentially.

The life span of a man does not give him the luxury of finding righteousness by mistake.  As if we stumble over a stack of 100 dollar bills as we walk down the street.  The odds of finding righteousness by happenstance are billions to one.

Blessed is the man who is concerned by his wickedness.  Blessed is the man who wakes in the night for fear of what he has done.  Blessed is the one who allows himself to feel burning and consuming regret.  Blessed is the man who panics for the sake of his wrongdoing.  This one has the potential of learning to do what is right.

Blessed are those who have never tasted wantonness.  Those beautiful souls who have patiently endured with what they have.  Blessed is the one who considers greed a sin, and keeps his hands to himself.

The proverb still rings true:  every man will reap what he has sown.  But a godless world teaches that this is a lie.

By His Grace


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