Pure Water

He lifts the veil, and a man sees.  His hand glides through sin to lift it from the man’s face.  Forgiveness comes with strength in hand.  Compassion is the clothing of the Great Physician.

Pride rests strong on the eyelids of the wicked.  Though they try to perceive the holy things of God, their eyes are too heavy to open.  Sealed, as if with the dust of sleep, their eyes are stuck shut.  But even this their pride cannot perceive.

What does God require of man, that he may open the eyes?  Believe.  God simply requires that we cast away our own knowledge.  He requires that we be willing to learn.

A proud man sees the ways of this world and thinks he knows.  In his folly he can produces reason for the things that are.  But he cannot produce proof as to why.  The sleep of pride restrains his strength.  He is blind and cannot walk without stumbling.

But let belief grow.  Let a man read the Holy words of God and believe.  God reveals in wise measure, according to a man’s willingness.  A revealing does come.

God watches the response.  Does tiny wisdom retain pride?  Or does it produce humility?  When the latter is true, roots are set into the soil of eternity that the man may begin to grow.

In his compassion God restrains the unveiling,  lest the winds of temptation destroy what is built.  As a man sees, he is accountable.  As a man knows he must do.

Believe to the fullest you can.  Humble yourself as far as you will.  You will see a receiving come to you. 

Let your roots seek the pure water.  Dig and thrust through the water you have found.  There is purity to be had.  What is pure among men is full of fault before God.

Do you see?  Give thanks and search for more.  Praise God with your actions.  For out the mouth of man comes many beautiful things, even while he himself is full of abhorrent behavior.

He is able to teach and to console.  He is able to raise from the dead even while you think you live.  And when life comes, he shows us the difference.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

By His Grace


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