The Single Arrow

A man has only one faith.  It is not possible that he should have many.  For as his faith is pointed, so the man becomes.

Give an archer a single arrow.  Place the target 100 yards away.  Now tell him that if he does not hit the bull’s eye, you will kill him. 

With the target the size of a 25 cent coin, the variable wind and heat, the skill of the archer, and the executioner standing near, the odds are slim the man will see the next sunrise.

Our faith can be likened to the arrow.  In this, every man is an archer.

The man draws his arrow of faith and sets it in the string of action.  He pulls back hard on his bow of hope.  After taking careful aim he lets it fly.  Will it hit the mark?

It depends on what he was shooting for.  The target makes all the difference.  Even the very best of marksman will fail if they do not know where the bullseye is.

How difficult is it to hit the mark for eternal life?  Let everyone understand we are not shooting for a target 100 yards away.  For faith is the substance of things unseen.

Straighten your arrow and point it toward the stars.  Wait until your place on earth points specifically at the Holy Throne of God.  Then at the right moment, and with all your possible strength, release your faith.

What’s the chances it will find the mark?  Will the Holy One watch it skitter across the throne room floor and land at his footstool?

Do we need Jesus?  Go ahead and say no.  If your faith is to find the mark of eternity it must arrive at the footstool of God. 

But first it must travel the length of the sky.  It must pass through the orbit of the moon.  Let your imagination see it whistle through the vacuum of space, to the edge of the universe.  After that it must travel through the very fabric of heaven itself.  Where in heaven, is the Holy throne of the Most High God?

Whats the chances any man can hit that mark?  God has not given men wisdom to write that number.

Does every man need Christ Jesus?  You bet your life we do!

For as the Apostle Peter said, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”  (Acts 4)

By His Grace


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