You Don’t Know

You don’t know what you’re doing

When you avoid the things of God.

When you count them as trash on Wednesday;

“Castaway! I’m glad it’s  gone”.

Somehow you think it’s your duty,

To stay God the length of your arm.

You toss away His riches,

For you think he means you harm.

Then you flounder in your poverty;

Embracing hopeless travail.

When all he wants is to lift you up;

To silence your muted wail.

How great the riches of Christ in us.

How marvelous his love.

When once, like you,

We thought little too

Of God’s gift sent down from above.

But let our soul find him near,

And there’s no dam to stop the tears.

He chases out all our frantic fears.

Unspeakable, is the way he loves.

He appears without our asking.

We find our heart free of trouble.

No longer caught up in wasting;

We are freed from all our rubble.

But you don’t know what joy you miss,

As you forsake his gentle kiss.

How can I urge you more than this?

His love is free for taking.

By His Grace


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