Respite not Despite

I have a dear friend who has gone on a cruise today.  She gets tan while I get cold.  But I am very happy for her.

She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders, in her normal routine.  There seems to be no respite from the burden.  But she carries on despite the great troubles.

But when she is offered this few days of respite from the war, she comes back an entirely different person.

In Christ, when we are offered forgiveness, is it sure, and given by the one who is able to give.  He gives this forgiveness of sins for the sake of comfort and increased faith. 

Before it comes (This powerful expression of his love) we hold to our faith, but we are in the midst of a war.  When it comes there is joy.

But here the forgiveness of sins is like the cruise to my friend.  If she went on the cruise and did not enjoy herself, rather worried about the time when she returns, her respite from trouble would be worthless.

Is the forgiveness of Christ worthless in our trouble?

It is meant to build us up and to give us health and joy.  But many, including myself, have reserved their joy for heaven.  They have carried on serving Christ Jesus despite their gloom.  This is not the intent of our Lord.

When you get a warm day in winter, rejoice.  When you get a cool day in summer, likewise rejoice.  When forgiveness comes, with power, rejoice!

Among men it is truly better to give than to receive.  Before Christ we are the receivers only.  Humility breeds joy.

By His Grace


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